Kitchen & bathroom installation in London

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Kitchen & Bathroom Installation in London

At Steady Build Limited, we re-design and install quality kitchens and bathrooms in the properties throughout Essex and London.

Our construction team are all fully qualified, licensed building contractors with extensive experience in all aspects involved in planning and installing first-class kitchens and bathrooms. This ensures all projects are complete with maximum safety and professionalism, allowing us to meet and even exceed our customer expectations with every kitchen and bathroom we design and install.

We cover all bases when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms at Steady Build Limited, and take on projects of all sizes. This means, whether you are looking to have the entire room ripped out, re-designed and installed, or are looking to have just a few aspects altered, no matter how big or small your project may be, our team will assist you.

Kitchens and bathrooms both play essential roles in any home, providing a number of different facilities, required for day to day life. With this, we assist homeowners in redesigning their kitchen and bathroom spaces, creating functional, but stylish rooms, that suit the household perfectly.

At Steady Build Limited, we re-design all kitchens and bathrooms, uniquely. To do this, our design team will work closely with you, putting your ideas alongside our expertise to produce a one of a kind kitchen or bathroom design. During the design stage, we will ask you a variety of questions, including the layout, flooring, windows, doors, furniture, facilities, appliances (kitchens) and other additional fixtures and fittings.

This means, whether you are looking for a traditional design or more of a modern contemporary style, our team will integrate this into your new, unique kitchen or bathroom design.

We like to reassure our customers that we only ever work with leading manufacturers in regards to all supplies and materials used in our kitchen and bathroom projects. This allows you to settle in knowing that your new kitchen or bathroom has been completed using top-quality materials, making the work durable and long-lasting, no matter what.

As well as this, we like to emphasise the importance of health and safety with our team at Steady Build Limited, and we ensure all guidelines and regulations are adhered to for the entire duration of the installation process. This way, you can rest knowing that your home is in the safest hands whilst undergoing your kitchen or bathroom installation, and your property environment will be maintained in a hazard-free condition from start to finish.

To talk with one of our professionals at Steady Build Limited, give us a call today on 07482898787 where we can answer any queries regarding our kitchen and bathroom installations, provide you with our pricing and arrange a date to begin planning your new kitchen or bathroom project.

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